Flavor Your Brew (step by step)

IMG_0352Flavoring kombucha is the fun part of making your brew. And it’s so simple! Follow these step by step instructions for perfect kombucha, every time.

Step by Step

Step 1: Add flavorings to a gallon-sized mason jar. For flavor suggestions and recipes, click here.

Step 2: Pour your too-sweet kombucha over your flavorings, filling the jar to the top. For instructions on how to make kombucha, click here.

Kombucha should be approximately 1 week premature. It will finish brewing during the 2 days of flavoring and week of bottle conditioning.

Step 3: Let kombucha sit for 36-48 hours, keep out of direct light. IMG_0190

Kombucha will take on the color of your flavorings, it is completely normal for the fruit to turn white!

Step 4: Strain pieces of flavorings and immature scoby from kombucha. Pour filtered kombucha in to bottling containers. Our favorite sizes are 8 or 16 oz.

Step 5: Let your kombucha bottle condition in a warm, dark area for at least one week. Experience will help you determine how long your brew needs to condition, it depends on sugar content when you flavor, how warm the room is, and how long you leave it.

Aim for kombucha that is extremely fizzy, and is your desired amount of vinegar to sugar ratio. Everyone’s preference is different!

Click here for more flavor ideas!

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