“Supporting different diets for different people, offering scientific education and healthy recipes. Our goal is whole body health!”



                        Mary and Truffle

We’re two friends, Mary and Brianna, both working towards a graduate degree in beautiful Seattle, Washington. We have a strong education in science, a passion for cooking, and a commitment to share our knowledge with others! All of the information on our site comes from peer-reviewed sources and notable scientific journals— we will never publish anything without verifying the information through a reputable source! Have a burning question? Please ask! We love a good challenge.

We started this site as a way to help people. We both spent years struggling with our health, learning a great deal along the way. By coupling folklore, our science background, peer-reviewed journals and popular articles, we have discovered short cuts, helpful tricks and invaluable knowledge— and we’ve never felt better! Our options were to keep our knowledge to ourselves, or share with the world. We chose the latter.


                           Brianna and Piper

We’d like to be clear, however, that we are in no way offering medical advice. Here at Digestible Wisdom, our goal is to present factual information that will allow YOU to make decisions with your licensed health care provider.

Yours in health,

–Mary and Brianna